August 29, 2007

The Marquis de Lafayette’s Aide-de-Camp

Jason Lowcher ’10 takes part in the 250th celebration

On Sept. 6, international affairs major Jason Lowcher ’10 (Washington, N.J.) will be playing the role of the Marquis de Lafayette’s aide-de-camp during the College’s celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Marquis de Lafayette’s birthday.

As the Marquis’ personal escort, Lowcher will travel with the Marquis, portrayed by historical interpreter Loic Barnieu, as he tours Easton and concludes his carriage ride in front of Skillman Library.

The College is planning a yearlong celebration during 2007-08 in recognition of the life and legacy of the man for whom it is named. In addition to the birthday party, major events will include a lecture series, entitled Lives of Liberty, featuring renowned speakers, and a historical exhibit at the Williams Center for the Arts, entitled A Son and his Adoptive Father: The Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington.

  • A web site dedicated to the celebration and to the Marquis’ unique connection to the College provides information and updates.

Lowcher is excited to be playing this role. “To be involved in a celebration that honors the life of a man as esteemed as the Marquis de Lafayette is a great and wonderful privilege. This 250th celebration of the Marquis de Lafayette will be a cherished moment that will last a lifetime.”

Besides being the aide-de-camp, Lowcher will also be attending the All-College Dinner, where he feels that the revolutionary re-enactors are going to add to the overall experience. “It is going to be very exciting because there are going to be people dressed in period clothing. We’re going to see history come alive here on College Hill, from the beginning of the celebration to the very end with the dinner.”

Lowcher’s interest in history stems from his early curiosity about the Bible and the history of the lands and cultures mentioned in it. This led to the desire to learn about different people of all time periods, part of which he fulfilled by participating in Civil War reenactments with his father. Lowcher says, “I have gained an unquenchable desire to learn about history. History is interesting to me because of its relevancy to the world in which we live.”

Lowcher feels that the 250th celebration will be a worthwhile experience for all people involved, particularly students.

“We, as students of the Lafayette community, are not only honoring the legacy of the Marquis de Lafayette in celebrating his 250th birthday, but we are also honoring his character and his passion for the freedom that we take for granted. We carry the same legacy as the Marquis and that is why this celebration is significant. When people come together with a mission and a vision, the world can be changed for good, just as the Marquis changed the world for good with his character and desire to see the freedom of humankind protected in the American colonies.”

Lowcher is also a member of Lafayette Christian Fellowship and a Writing Associate.

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