October 9, 2007

An Inside Look at Admissions

Children of alumni invited to tour and information session at Homecoming

By Carolyn Pasternak ’08

For alumni, Homecoming is a time to reunite with old friends, enjoy a great football game, and reminisce about the “good old days” on College Hill. For some, the weekend includes sharing the Lafayette experience with their children.

Once again, the admissions office will sponsor a program for the children of alumni, which includes a tour of the campus and an information session. Carol Rowlands ’81, director of admissions, estimates that 20-30 high school students will attend the event on Saturday, Oct. 20. During the program, students will learn about the nuances of the college selection process and how to present themselves in a positive way.

To register, contact Anne Marie Ferriere,, (610) 330-5079.

Rowlands says it is “absolutely a goal” of the admissions office to attract children of alumni. There are approximately 135 enrolled at the College.

“We want to reach out to Lafayette alumni whenever we can,” she says. “We feel strongly at Lafayette that if there are children or siblings of alumni and they are qualified, it’s great to have that legacy continue on campus.”

Rowlands says alumni always love to bring their children back to campus and reminisce.

“This year,” she says, “[the admissions office] decided to specifically advertise in the Homecoming literature because some alumni maybe didn’t realize that this is incentive for them to bring their sons and daughters to campus.”

Legacy families – those that include multiple alumni – are invited to have a family photograph taken at noon near the Homecoming tent. A print will be mailed free of charge.

Homecoming should prove to be exciting for both alumni and their children as they join in the nostalgia and camaraderie of the weekend. For those who can’t make it to the Homecoming events, a similar program – which includes workshops for children of alumni and of Lafayette employees – will be held during Reunion Weekend.

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