January 2, 2008

Changing the World One Electric Scooter at a Time

Jeff Morrill ’89 is chief marketing officer at Vectrix Corp.

As chief marketing officer at Vectrix Corp., Jeff Morrill ’89 has the opportunity to influence not only the way people travel, but also the impact they have on the environment. The company develops and sells electric two-wheel vehicles.

“The exciting part of my role is the ability to make a difference every day for the business, employees, consumers, and the environment,” he says. “We have a great team that is committed to introducing a high-performance, zero-emission electric motorcycle to the world. Our motto is ‘We will change the world.’”

He was on College Hill recently to deliver a Vectrix motor scooter to a local customer who is the first woman in the U.S. to own one. The 456-pound vehicle reaches a top speed of 62 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 50 miles per hour in 6.8 seconds. It has an average range of 40 to 60 miles, with a maximum range of 68 miles, on a single charge.

“There is no typical day at Vectrix,” says Morrill. “It is full of a wide variety of challenges, opportunities, and decisions. The key is to stay focused on our strategy, make educated decisions, and quickly decide what to do. There also are the fun moments like when Jay Leno called asking about Vectrix, the IPO check arrived, or a $7.5 million order came in due to programs we had just put in place.”

Morrill credits Lafayette with helping him build his business, analytical, and leadership skills.

Rose Marie Bukics [Jones Professor of Economics and Business] was a great influence as she always found a way to challenge the class and each individual,” says the economics and business graduate. “She helped create situations for you to stretch yourself and grow.”

Morrill stays in touch with classmates and is eager to discuss the College’s benefits with students considering Lafayette. The Leopards’ successful football team has provided some perks.

“I’ve won the bet the last two years with some friends who happened to attend Lehigh, which is always very rewarding!” he says.

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