February 15, 2008

President Weiss’ Message on Tragedy at Northern Illinois University

President Daniel Weiss sent the following message to the Lafayette community today:

You have probably heard about the tragic shootings that occurred Thursday at Northern Illinois University. Whenever such a tragedy occurs, colleges and universities feel a sense of kinship with the faculty, administrators and students at the affected institution. We have sent expressions of concern and condolence on behalf of the Lafayette community to members of the NIU family. We hope that the members of that community will gain some measure of comfort in the knowledge that we, like many other academic communities, are keeping them in our thoughts during this difficult time.

We hope that you, as members of the Lafayette community, feel safe and secure on this campus, your home away from home. We work hard to have best practices in training and emergency procedures in place to insure that this campus is a safe as it can reasonably be.

We at Lafayette share a sense of loss with the people of NIU, and join with all who work each day to keep our campuses open and safe for all people.

Dan Weiss

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