April 3, 2008

Class of ’83 Has Its Dancing Shoes Ready

Co-chairs promise Reunion Weekend as “action-packed or laid back” as participants choose

When Reunion co-chairs Ellen Poriles Weiler ’83 and Terry Heaney Galla ’83 arrive on campus for the Class of ’83’s 25th Reunion, point them toward the dance floor and get out of their way.

Weiler chaired her class’ 15th and 20th Reunions on her own and enlisted Galla’s help for this year’s event. As the chair of the Alumni Council’s Volunteer Committee, Weiler attended last year’s Reunion events to observe and offer feedback. She had such a great time with the Class of ’82 that she became even more excited for her own 25th Reunion.

“I just love being on campus,” says Weiler, who also is serving as class fund co-manager. “It’s a way to see friends and I’m excited to bring my son. He actually calls it ‘Reunity.’ He asked me the other day, ‘Are we going to Reunity, Mommy,’ and I said, ‘Yes we are honey!’”

  • Online registration and extensive information are available on the Reunion web site.

Like Weiler, who danced for three hours straight at her last Reunion, Galla is looking forward to a fun-filled weekend of reconnecting with classmates. This year, the Class of ’83 is working with the Classes of ’73 and ’78 to hold a joint Reunion social and class dinner.“My fondest memories of past Reunions are the great music and dancing – getting out on the dance floor made me feel like I was back in 1983 at a great party with records spinning,” says Galla. “I love reconnecting with old friends and talking to people who were acquaintances during my school years. I’ve even caught up with fellow classmates who I had never really connected with before. That’s what makes Reunion special – everyone is there to see how everyone else is doing.”

For Nancy Freeborne Brinton ’83, a member of the Reunion committee, seeing how campus has changed in 25 years will be one of the weekend’s highlights.

“I love seeing how the campus has changed and how the new buildings fit in,” she says. “It remains one of the most beautiful campuses I have seen. Also, of course, I love to see my classmates; it would be especially nice to see some of the people who haven’t been back for 25 years.”

Brinton acknowledges that coming back to College Hill for Reunion can be intimidating for some, especially those who haven’t returned in a while. But she’s certain that once attendees arrive, they’re sure to have a memorable time.

“I know it is possibly scary to think about coming to campus when you aren’t sure what other classmates will be there, who you will talk to, or how you will act,” she says. “Once you get to campus, you enjoy yourself no matter what.”

“There’s also that aspect of getting to know someone you might not have known previously at Lafayette,” adds Galla. “People are very friendly at Reunion; everyone is there because we all share a common bond.”

Weiler also emphasizes that the class Reunion committee is working hard to ensure a well-planned event with something for everyone.

“Everything’s planned out,” says Weiler, who last year received the George T. Wooding ’19 Volunteer of the Year Award. “It is certainly worth the travel back to campus. The Reunion chairs and College staff make every effort to make sure all your needs are met. There will be plenty of time to engage intellectually, take classes, meet with classmates, as well as free time to see what’s going on around campus. It can be as action-packed or laid back as you want it to be. All you have to do is show up with a great attitude and have a good time.”

Weiler also will be on campus this weekend for the Council of Lafayette Women Conference. She will present a cooking seminar, “Love at First Bite – Exceptional Summertime Cuisine for Sun, Surf, and Sand.”

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