April 11, 2008

Gift Adds to Reunion Excitement for Class of ’88

Alumni will establish internship stipend– by Danielle Ward ’08

Elizabeth Freebairn ’88 was inspired to help with her class reunion by organizer Rachel Nelson Moeller ’88, associate director of career services. “I still live relatively close to Lafayette and figured this was something I could do to help our class,” she says.

Freebairn and the Class of 1988 also will be giving the Lafayette community a gift that will help future classes. “I am very excited about our Reunion Gift this year,” she says. Moeller suggested that the class establish a Class of 1988 Internship Stipend. “The fund will provide financial support for students participating in unpaid internships or ones with high lodging and transportation costs. And part of [Moeller’s] job responsibilities are to manage this fund. We know all the money we raise will be put to good use,” Freebairn says.

She is especially looking forward to this Reunion.

“Reunions are all about the people,” she says. “Since I am not the best person at keeping in touch with friends, I enjoy Reunion as a way to get reacquainted again.”

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to see my classmates. Being back at Lafayette for our reunions allows us to do that. It is a dedicated time every five years to take some time and get together,” she adds. “And for those of us that do not stay in touch as well as we should, this is perfect.”

Freebairn has fond memories of previous Reunions, especially her 15th. “Rachel ordered really cool glow necklaces, and we were the envy of the other classes,” she says.

Among everything about Lafayette, Freebairn misses “the relaxed atmosphere and the great people right down the hall.” She also mentioned a few instances of “juvenile fun” that still brings a smile to her face. “The ability to find a formal dress by closet shopping. Hanging out in the lounges watching the favorite prime time TV shows.”

Although she expressed excitement about seeing her close friends and, especially, her college roommates, she also wants to know more about other members of her class. “I want to know what different people are involved in, and what is unique about our class,” she says.

She says that could be a good reason for others hesitant to come back to campus. “If close friends from college are not attending, come anyway,” she implored her fellow classmates. “Make new friends with others of us. We have all changed since college, but in some ways remained the same. Lafayette drew us together 20 years ago. We are the same people that liked the school for common reasons then. Come find new common experiences with your classmates,” she says.

Freebairn does offer incentive for her less sentimental classmates. “And let’s show up the younger classes! Let’s show the class of 2003 how the class of 1988 likes to reunite.”

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