April 29, 2008

Delta Tau Delta Alumni Will Renew Old Friendships at Reunion

Brothers again will enjoy golf outing

In addition to the annual class get-togethers, Reunion Weekend is an exciting time for alumni of social groups and sports teams to gather. Members of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity will return to campus during the weekend of June 6-8 for a golf outing and more.

  • Online registration and extensive information on Reunion Weekend are available on the Reunion web site. The deadline to register without an additional charge is Thursday, May 1.

Joseph P. McNulty ’81 has served as chair for the Delta Tau Delta Golf Reunion for the past two years. He says he was eager to become involved with planning because he was interested in keeping in touch with his fraternity brothers and in becoming reacquainted with brothers with whom he had lost touch over the years.

“The golf outing last year was fantastic. We had a great turnout for both the outing and the Delt picnic held in front of the old Delt house the following day. There were Delt brothers at the picnic that spanned 50 years and it seemed that there was a renewed will to keep the Delt spirit alive,” says McNulty.

This year’s golf outing will take place Friday, June 6, at The Club at Morgan Hill in nearby Williams Township. McNulty says that the planning committee hopes to extend the gathering into June 7 with either a lunch or dinner for all members of Delta Tau Delta.

“You will undoubtedly enjoy the experience and camaraderie of getting together with other Delts, whether they are the brothers you knew when you were in school or brothers who are younger or older than you,” he says. “That common bond we share of having spent four years of our young lives being part of Delta Tau Delta is something that will spur a lot of funny stories and great times reminiscing about them.”

McNulty also returns to campus frequently for football games and class reunions. In addition, he has participated in the undergraduate mock trial program as a judge.

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