February 18, 2009

Matt Ferber ’10 Looks at the Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Economics and business major and varsity football player writes about his externship with Vince Petitto ’89 at Pfizer in New York City
My externship experience at Pfizer headquarters in New York City exceeded all of my expectations. Vince had a very detailed schedule prepared for Mark and me, which allowed us to meet a lot of people and ask a lot of questions. The most comforting thing I learned throughout the whole experience was that it’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do with your future.

There are so many opportunities out there and I now understand it’s going to take some time for me to find my niche, though my externship at Pfizer has given me a sincere interest in the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, I was fortunate enough to have housing provided with my externship. This allowed me to get a feel for what living and working in Manhattan would actually be like. I stayed in a company-owned suite in the Corinthian Hotel. I was on the 50th floor and had incredible views of the entire city.

It was very interesting to see what Vince actually did for Pfizer. He literally transformed the way Pfizer distributes its products. To keep a long story short, Vince saw that there was a broken system and fixed it. His efforts have saved the company millions of dollars.

I also met with members of various marketing programs. Most of these employees started their careers in pharmaceutical sales. It seems like a good way to get into the industry. All in all, my externship at Pfizer was a great experience. I networked with a lot of people will be very useful to me in the future. I have a new found interest in the pharmaceutical industry as well as a much better understanding of it.

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