May 11, 2009

Jay Mattola ’72 Provides Insights in Wall Street Journal

Jay Mottola ’72, former Alumni Association president, was quoted by The Wall Street Journal in an article on how golf clubs are coping with losses in membership and revenue caused by the recession.

An excerpt:

Keeping membership pipelines full is always the best defense, said Jay Mottola, executive director of the MGA [Metropolitan Golf Association] and a board member of the National Club Association. “If a club is oozing members, all the nip-and-tucking in the world is not going to keep it strong,” he said. A new wrinkle some clubs are trying, Mr. Mottola said, is initiation-free legacy memberships, available even if one’s parents are no longer members, or even alive.

Until new members arrive, however, cost-cutting is indispensable and can actually be a long-term benefit when it forces clubs to look creatively at their operations. The key to success, Mr. Mottola said, is communicating openly about the situation with members and staff.

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