June 22, 2010

Main Street Program Honored for Lafayette and Easton’s Town-Gown Relationship

The Easton Main Street Initiative received the Organizational Excellence in Community Partnerships award from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center for the thriving town-gown relationship that has grown between Lafayette College and Easton.

Main Street

Megan McBride, assistant main street manager; Kim Kmetz, main street manager; and Alan Raisman ’10 at the annual Townie Awards gala.

The center’s annual Townie Awards gala showcases Main Street and Elm Street programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Easton’s initiative was also honored for being the second highest performer out of the 92 Main Street programs in the state based on statistics such as volunteer hours, new business development, job creation, and construction projects.

The award was presented to Kim Kmetz, main street manager; Megan McBride, assistant main street manager; and Alan Raisman ’10, who graduated in May with an A.B. with majors in international affairs and government & law. Raisman, who founded the student-run community service organization Pards to People, spoke about Lafayette’s relationship with Easton.

Lafayette’s students, faculty, and staff are very involved in the Easton community. The College hosts dozens of service programs through the Landis Community Outreach Center. Service is also part of the curriculum of many courses and research projects under the umbrella of the College’s Community-Based Learning and Research initiative and the art department’s Community-Based Teaching program. Lafayette is also contributing toward Easton’s redevelopment through projects such as the renovation of the North Third Street corridor.

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