November 17, 2010

Spotted on Campus With…Brandon Ellis ’12

With the 146th meeting between Lafayette and Lehigh just days away, defensive back Brandon Ellis ’12 discusses economics, his on-campus job, and college football’s most played rivalry.

What’s your major and what do you like about your major?
I am an economics major. What I like most about it is that I have learned a lot of skills and knowledge that cannot only be transferred and applied to a career but also to my personal life like interest rates, investment strategies, and mortgages.

What’s been the most unique project or class you’ve taken at Lafayette?
It hasn’t happened yet, but I will be traveling to South Africa this winter to take a class called “Voices of South Africa,” in which I will learn about the history, culture, language, and economic system of the country. I’m really looking forward to that.

Talk about your experience as a peer mentor. What have you taken away from the experience?
My first year as a peer mentor has been a good experience. I enjoy helping younger student-athletes make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible. Each week, I meet with my five athletes and talk about their classes and sports to see if they need help with anything and keep them aware of things going on around campus. It’s always good to give back to Lafayette in some way and as a peer mentor I am doing that.

What does the Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry mean to you?
The rivalry is everything to me. Each year we are not only playing for the current team, but past teams that had the opportunity to play in this game and couldn’t get a win. The rivalry really cannot be put into words; it’s the emotion and passion that will carry each team to victory.

What is your fondest football memory?
My junior year of high school, in the opening game on the road, we won in overtime with me breaking up the final pass that could have sent the game in double overtime.

Sport you would participate in other than your own:

Your team-given nickname:

Your favorite TV show as a kid?

Best song to listen to right before a game:
“Show Out” by Roscoe Dash

Word Association:
Lafayette: Sacrifice
Football: Life
Lehigh: Passion
Teammates: Family

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