April 17, 2011

Photo Gallery: College Theater Presents Ubu Roi

Lafayette College Theater presented the farcical Ubu Roi (King Ubu) last weekend in the open-air arts plaza next to the Williams Visual Arts Building.

Ubu Roi, by Alfred Jarry, premiered in France in 1896 and marked the beginning of avant-garde theater and an aesthetic that influenced art movements such as Dada, the surrealists, and the absurdists. The play uses scatological humor and farce to present Jarry’s views on art, literature, politics, the ruling class, and religion.

Directed by Suzanne Westfall, professor of English, the production was part of an interdisciplinary course she is co-teaching with Ed Kerns, Clapp Professor of Art, titled, Dada: Visual and Performing Art. Students from the course helped make the set and served as stage crew. The play’s set designer was Jeffrey Helm, associate professor of mechanical engineering.

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