August 17, 2011

DeMark Bowman ’12 Mentors Teens at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

DeMark Bowman ’12 at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, D.C.

“As a philosophy major it’s hard to say what got me here; however, I chose my major because it has a little bit of everything mixed into one,” says DeMark Bowman ’12 (Washington, D.C.).  “I wanted to study psychology, sociology, government & law, and writing.  Philosophy was my path toward these things in a way that blew my mind. Philosophy has definitely become a passion of mine because it’s something you can’t escape.”

This summer, Bowman is continuing his broad approach to education while interning for the Teens of Distinction program at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in the heart of Washington, D.C.

“My internship is completely contributing to my goals, and it is showing me that there are parts of me that still need work when it comes to my goals. For example, I considered myself to be a very patient person, but the first time when I encountered special challenges on the job, I found that my patience level could use work,” explains Bowman.

During his internship, Bowman worked with a team of interns to create workshops that focused on relevant topics in today’s society.  These topics included things such as financial literacy, time management, professionalism, and diversity.  The group also has to consider age appropriateness when planning for juniors (14-16 years old) and seniors (17-21 years old).

“While creating workshops, we have to think of the best ways to effectively communicate the information in a simple, engaging, and powerful way,” explains Bowman.  “I enjoy the intellectual dynamic of creating and facilitating workshops to the teens in creative and powerful ways.”

Bowman also has another passion: writing.  He is currently working on a book of poetry titled Facing Three L’s: Life, Love & Liberty. After he graduates from Lafayette, Bowman wants to attend law school and also become a teacher and youth mentor.

At Lafayette, Bowman serves on the Ambassador Committee, is the head night manager for The Spot student night club, and was the former Co-President of Brothers of Lafayette.   He is also a Posse Scholar and an orientation leader.

Bowman is confident that this internship will help him as he continues to pursue his goals.  “This internship has confirmed my interest in youth, whether they are ‘at risk’ or the exact opposite. I want to be a person of the people and I will do what I need to do to get there.”

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