October 12, 2011

Victor Goldman ’96 Stars in New VH1 Reality Show Premiering Oct. 16

In the new reality dating show “Why Am I Still Single?!,” Victor Goldman ’96 is the sole male member of the team assisting matchmaker Siggy Flicker help desperate singles find a perfect match.

Cast for Why Am I Still Single, VH1 reality show

Cast includes Victor Goldman ’96 (L-R), Jamie, Siggy Flicker, Jenn, Hayley, and Chynna. Photo credit: VH1

Part dating show and part personal makeover, New York career matchmaker Flicker and her team of “love-pickers” have only one goal — to pair off single New Yorkers, two by two. The show debuts at 9 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday, Oct. 16.

Goldman, playing his first role on television, is a close friend of Flicker. “She asked me if I’d be interested, and I said yes,” he explains. “The next thing I knew, I was part of the cast.”

According to the VH1 blog posted on Sept. 14, the new series will feature real people, life lessons, laughs and, matchmaking. “In each episode, Siggy will help two new clients (one male, one female) improve their dating skills and hopefully find true love. First, the two clients go on a date together. Unknown to them, it’s just a test date that Siggy has set up to assess their dating skills, or lack thereof…Once Siggy has seen enough, she barges in..and in her signature loud, sexy, and smart way, she targets their weaknesses and helps change their dating habits forever.”

On the show, Goldman is one of three “love pickers” who go on a search for the perfect matches for the clients. Then the team discusses which one would be the right fit. Flicker makes the final call. The twin stylists, Jamie and Jenn, put the clients through a makeover in preparation for their real date with a potential match.

Goldman, a mathematics and economics graduate, works in financial services in New York.


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