May 3, 2012

Photo Galleries of Vice President Joe Biden’s Visit to Campus

United States Vice President Joe Biden gave the 2011-12 Lives of Liberty Lecture at Kirby Sports Center May 2, “Charting Our Economic Destiny: The Pursuit of American Innovation.” Biden also visited the library in the Kirby Hall of Civil Rights to examine records of his great-grandfather Edward Francis Blewitt, Class of 1879, and his great uncles Arthur Joseph Blewitt, Class of 1904, and Robert Patrick Blewitt, Class of 1905.

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Biden’s Address in Kirby Sports Center

Biden at Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

Biden Backstage

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  1. Thank you Lafayette for hosting this Lecture. I found it motivating and uplifting! I got to speak to Mr. Biden and shake his hand. Thank you for this opportunity! Sincerely, Cindy Blake

    says Cindy Blake
    May 3, 2012 at 9:07 pm
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