May 28, 2013

Photo Gallery: Lafayette Dedicates Renovated Quad

Lafayette marked the completion of the Quad renovation project with a dedication ceremony May 24 recognizing the many alumni, parents, and friends whose donations made it possible. The extensive renovation involved the removal of roadways and parking areas to create a safer, more accessible, environmentally sustainable, and more visually unified space. The end result gives a distinctive new look and feel to the campus core.

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Several areas have been named in recognition of donors’ leadership support of the renovation. These include:

  • Anderson Courtyard (bounded by Hugel Science Center, Watson Hall, and Acopian Engineering Center), named for Carl G. Anderson Jr. ’67 and Deborah B. Anderson
  • Conway Plaza (at the entrance of Pardee Hall that faces the Quad), named for Arthur W. Conway ’68
  • Chapin Plaza (at the main entrance of Watson Hall), named for Samuel R. Chapin ’79 and Beth Lanigan Chapin ’80
  • Levy Plaza (near the entrance of Pardee Hall), named for Barbara Levy ’77 and Joseph Hollander P’11’14
  • Wagner Plaza (at the main entrance of Farinon College Center), named for Leon M. Wagner ’75

Bench areas along the former Pardee Drive are named for Nancy E. Brennan ’74 and Stephanie Westphal Lucas ’85 and in memory of Frank H. ’51 and Jean R. Hughes P’85.

Bench areas in Anderson Courtyard are named for Daniel R. Revers ’84; George E. Rossmann ’62 and Lynn L. Rossmann; and the Glascott family (including James D. Glascott ’83 and Deirdre M. Glascott, and Jeffrey R. Glascott ’79 and Linda C. Glascott P’10 ’12 ’15).

Other donors to the renovation project include:

  • Margaret G. Axelrod ’74 and Jay G. Axelrod
  • Jill Crocker Bornstein ’90 and Jeffrey S. Bornstein
  • Class of 2011
  • Daniel J. Kilmurray ’75 and Tamara Kilmurray
  • F.M. Kirby Foundation
  • Elisabeth Hughes MacDonald ’81 and John MacDonald
  • J. Peter Simon ’75 P’11’14 and Janet Mauriello Simon ’75 P’11’14
  • Kenneth S. Sweet Jr. ’54 and Mary Sweet

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  2. How about some pictures of the actual Quad post-renovation rather than simply giving us pictures of alumni and photoframes?


    says SCR
    May 30, 2013 at 2:24 am
    • Thanks for commenting. We did include a few pictures of the Quad here and we will post many more next month in a gallery linked from the Lafayette homepage.

      says blockd
      May 30, 2013 at 7:56 am

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