May 5, 2014

Changes in Enrollment Management and Admissions Positions

President Alison Byerly emailed the campus community the following message today:

Dear Colleagues,

We have just concluded a very successful season in admissions, with a newly enrolled class that shows increased SAT scores, increased diversity, increased yield of Marquis Scholars, and 9 top students holding the new Marquis Fellowships. I know that I speak for our colleagues in Admissions in saying thanks to the many faculty, coaches, administrators, staff, and students who helped us to bring in a terrific Class of 2018.

As the competition for highly qualified students continues to intensify, and as we seek new ways to deepen our commitment to access and diversity, I believe it is critical for the chief enrollment officer of the College to serve in a senior leadership role that ensures close alignment between Admissions efforts and the College’s overall strategic goals. I have asked Greg MacDonald to assume the role of Vice President for Enrollment Management, reporting directly to the President, as is the case at most of our peer liberal arts colleges, overseeing admissions, financial aid, and strategic enrollment planning. In addition to linking his oversight of admissions and financial aid to broader strategic issues, Greg will also coordinate the college’s retention efforts, and will develop additional partnerships to enhance diversity in the applicant pool. I expect that he will, pending approval from Governance, continue to serve on the Enrollment Planning Committee and to work closely with faculty colleagues on admissions issues. Carol Rowlands will continue to serve as head of admissions operations and will assume the title of Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management.

At the same time, I am delighted to announce that Matt Hyde will take on expanded responsibilities as Dean of Admissions. Matt’s work in this role will include the management of the admissions office budget, the assessment of merit scholarship policy and strategies, and service as the lead liaison with the Communications Division in the upcoming redesign of all admission marketing materials. I know that Matt will bring to this role the same energy and commitment that has distinguished his work as Director.

Please join me in congratulating these colleagues on their new titles and responsibilities.



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  1. This is definitely in line with administrative structure and need in today’s world in private higher education. It makes sense and will benefit the College competitively for the stated reasons. Managing enrollment, in all of its dimensions, can be what separates more successful institutions from challenged schools in the private higher ed. marketplace.

    says Ron Diment '71
    May 7, 2014 at 2:08 pm

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