Architectural Studies

Michele Dempsey '94 and Leikune Aragaw '€™15 at DxDempsey: Architecture|Design|Planning in Scranton, Pa.

February 11, 2013

Leikune Aragaw ’15 Explores Architecture Career with Michele Dempsey ’94

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When she was a student, Michele Dempsey ’94 was struggling to choose a career path. Then she took a history of architecture course with Robert Mattison, Metzgar Professor of Art History, and fell in love with architecture. “Suddenly, I realized it was my passion and all the pieces fell into place,” Dempsey says. Now, as president [...]

James Steele '65

August 6, 2012

USC’s James Steele ’65 Brings a Global Perspective on Architecture to Students

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By Dan Edelen “As globalization continues to expand, and we all become part of one big global village, the importance of knowing about and respecting the diversity of other cultures will increase exponentially,” says James M. Steele Jr. ’65. “The degradation of the environment is tied to this, since increased population and development will increase [...]

Kristian Smith ’13 and Pete Reinke ’85 at the LVEDC offices in Bethlehem, Pa.

February 14, 2012

Kristian Smith ’13 Explores Economic Development with Pete Reinke ’85

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“This externship gave me a new perspective on architecture because it exposed me to the processes that take place in the relocation of a business to the Lehigh Valley, incentives to encourage businesses to locate to brownfield sites, and the various other steps that foster the environment for businesses long before the architect comes into [...]


November 8, 2010

A Tour of New York City’s Art and Architecture

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Over the weekend, students received faculty-led tours of some of New York City’s most architecturally significant buildings and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Robert Mattison, Metzgar Professor and head of art, took students in his History of Architecture course on a walking tour of the city, and Diane Cole Ahl, Rothkopf Professor of Art History, [...]

Lafayette College

October 30, 2007

A Trailblazer in Architecture

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USC’s James Steele ’65 has authored 27 books and developed unique study program in Asia By Dan Edelen While teaching his own students from the University of Southern California’s School of Architecture during its annual semester in Asia, Professor James Steele ’65 glimpsed opportunity in the faces of Cambodian students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. [...]

Lafayette College

October 19, 2007

Tech Clinic is Developing Area Revitalization Plans

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Six students are exploring options for the Route 611 and 512 corridors in the Slate Belt A team of six students in this year’s Technology Clinic will prepare an economic development plan for the Route 611 and 512 corridors in the Slate Belt. Tech Clinic is a hands-on course founded in 1986 that brings together [...]