Class of 1987

Sue Bauman

October 21, 2013

Balancing Work and Life in the Medical Field

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By Bill Kline More than a passion play. It’s hard work. It’s grabbing opportunities. It’s discovering that there is more than one path to becoming a medical professional. And once you’re there, it’s realizing that your life does not have to be 100 percent work with no time for family, friends, and fun. Forty students [...]

Eric Von Arx '87

June 4, 2013

Eric Von Arx ’87 Creates Hyperminimalist Sculpture

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By Carrie Havranek Eric Von Arx ’87 is expressing his creativity through temporary installations he calls “momentary sculpture shows”—hyperminimalist sculpture typically just a foot tall. It’s often spontaneous, mostly uninvited, and created with found objects. “I want to capture the moment of inspiration,” says Von Arx, a professional artist. He has placed his artwork where [...]

Lisa Schrott '87

July 20, 2012

Neuroscientist Lisa Schrott ’87 Studies Memory Loss and Prenatal Exposure to Opiates

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By Kate Helm “I have always been curious about how complex behavior emerges from the millions of chemical and electrical releases in the brain,” says Lisa Schrott ’87, associate professor, Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Neuroscience, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport. “A lot of neuroscience is reductionistic—trying to understand the mechanisms of behavior by [...]

Judge Joel Pisano '71

June 7, 2012

Joel Pisano ’71 Rules on High-Stakes Cases as U.S. District Court Judge

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Now in his 20th year, U.S. District Court Judge Joel Pisano ’71 presides over high-stakes cases in Trenton, N.J., involving virtually every aspect of the law. As he oversees a weighty caseload, Pisano is energized by the variety of his docket and the enthusiasm of young minds that come to his office to learn and [...]

Godspell t-shirts from 1986

January 1, 2012

Lafayette Cast of Godspell Has 25th Reunion at New York Revival

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By Dan Edelen When the lights dimmed for a revival of Godspell in New York City’s Circle in the Square Theater Nov. 12, the audience included members of the 1986 cast of Lafayette students who performed the play 25 years ago. In March 1986, a cast and crew of a dozen students enlivened Colton Chapel [...]

Suriya Chindawongse '83

October 10, 2011

Suriya Chindawongse ’87 Helps Lead Thailand’s Efforts in Southeast Asian Alliance

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By Kevin Gray The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami killed more than 230,000 people in 14 countries, including an estimated 8,000 deaths and as many injuries in Thailand. As the water receded, Suriya Chindawongse ’87, a member of the Thai diplomatic corps in his native country, was one of many who sprang into action [...]

Federal Communications Commission seal

May 10, 2011

D’Wana Terry ’87 Provides Counsel for FCC Chief

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By Samuel T. Clover ’91 Ever question a charge under the “adjustments” section of your cell phone bill, or worried about your privacy when using a public wireless hot spot? These and countless other issues fall under the purview of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB) of the Federal Communications Commission, and as special [...]

Lafayette College

August 26, 2009

Crime Stopper

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Whether it’s catching a gunman, pedophile, or other criminal, Paul McCormick ’87 defends justice in Augusta County, Va. By David Learn ’92 Before Paul McCormick ’87 arrived on the scene, an 18-year-old had barricaded himself inside his parents’ house and was shooting at police officers responding to an altercation the teen had with his parents. [...]

Lafayette College

December 5, 2008

Strength in Numbers

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Alumni and students will network together at events in New York and Philadelphia Nothing packs more networking firepower for Lafayette alumni and students than a networking night. Students make valuable contacts in a comfortable environment while alumni network with one another and meet students who may represent future talent in their industries. Organized by career [...]

Lafayette College

November 21, 2008

Redefining Dining

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John Anderson ’87 charts new courses in restaurant and rowing About three years ago, John Anderson ’87 had a chance encounter in Chicago that opened the door for him to pursue his interest in the restaurant business. When his wife fell ill and had to stay in their Chicago hotel room, Anderson found himself roaming [...]