Peter Donovick '61

August 9, 2012

Peter Donovick ’61 Uncovers Mysteries of the Brain

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By Tiffany Bentley With an insatiable curiosity, Peter Donovick ’61 has delved into a broad spectrum of research topics. As professor of psychology and director of the environmental neuropsychology laboratory at Binghamton University, State University of New York, Donovick has studied aging and dementia, stereotype bias, multiple sclerosis, dementia, environmental toxicology, malnutrition, incarceration, compassion, health [...]

Lisa Schrott '87

July 20, 2012

Neuroscientist Lisa Schrott ’87 Studies Memory Loss and Prenatal Exposure to Opiates

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By Kate Helm “I have always been curious about how complex behavior emerges from the millions of chemical and electrical releases in the brain,” says Lisa Schrott ’87, associate professor, Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Neuroscience, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport. “A lot of neuroscience is reductionistic—trying to understand the mechanisms of behavior by [...]

James Simmons '65

July 12, 2012

James Simmons ’65 Is Award-Winning Expert in Bat Echolocation

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By Dan Edelen One of the foremost experts in bat echolocation, James Simmons ’65 knows about the invisible. He seeks to understand the nature of perception by studying the tiny mammal’s sounds pitched beyond the range of human hearing. “Most people interested in perception are interested in vision,” says Simmons, professor of biology, neuroscience department, [...]