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Rexford Ahene

“I like the small class size—the ability to get to know your students and to be able to customize instruction to fit the needs of individual students…That to me is a unique opportunity that I wouldn’t trade.”

Elizabeth McMahon  Mathematics

Elizabeth McMahon

“I have lots of interests, and I love teaching at a place where both students and faculty often have, and thus value, diverse interests. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to explore some of my interests here—and to get paid for it!”


Lee Upton

“In writing it take years to come into one’s own, and it’s really nice to have the flames lit here for so many writers.”

Polly Piergiovanni

“Lafayette’s the perfect size because I know every student by name. I know their hobbies and their outside activities.”

Ed Kerns

“That’s what thrills me—to work in front of students, to collaborate with students, and to have them be a part of the whole process.”

Mark Crain

“I love that students begin to discover things about themselves, to develop that self confidence.”

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