Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

More engineering and liberal arts students will work together on innovative solutions to real-world problems through the Center for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership (IDEAL). Students, faculty, and external partners will be involved in campus-wide opportunities for students to learn and apply the skills, perspectives, and attributes of creative leaders in the business, nonprofit, and governmental sectors.

The center’s design will give students the opportunity to connect liberal arts perspectives to real-world issues, to acquire practical skills for the business world, to develop global and multicultural perspectives, and to deepen leadership skills for working collaboratively.

Edward Gamber, David M. ’70 and Linda Roth Professor of Economics, and John Nestor, professor of electrical and computer engineering, are the Robert Adenbaum Co-Chairs of the IDEAL Center.

As a pilot project, eight students representing four different majors came together to create a simulted startup company, UPower Technologies, integrating piezo-electric and light-emitting diode technologies into GameGlowb, a recreational, educational, and rehabilitation device.

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