Discover how the liberal arts can provide a competitive edge for your company today.

Lafayette welcomes ongoing, strong partnerships with local, national, and international corporations
and the College’s Corporate Connections team works with offices and programs across the campus
to coordinate and ensure successful and mutually beneficial collaborations.

seifi ghasemi h’17, president, chairman, and ceo of the global industrial gas corporation air products, invites you and your company to join him in a partnership with lafayette college.

As one of the nation’s premier undergraduate Colleges, for the greater part of two centuries Lafayette has offered a rich mixture of both liberal arts and engineering programs. This rare blend means that among the qualities that distinguish Lafayette’s more than 26,000 alumni are that the College’s liberal arts graduates think more practically and are more facile with technology, and its engineering graduates think more creatively and express themselves in ways that inspire people and connect with new ideas.

Lafayette’s more than 230 faculty and 2,550 students invite you and your company to collaborate with them in not just seeking solutions to the world’s most intractable problems but understanding and defining unknown future challenges and opportunities.

Whether it is engaging local or global change, instilling entrepreneurial thinking, understanding governance and policy, supporting diverse perspectives, building community assets, or identifying the next generation of innovators and leaders, Lafayette College is ready to partner with you.


Partnership Opportunities

Corporate partners with Lafayette enjoy a close connection with the College that fosters relationships leading to intellectual exchange, collaboration, and interaction with faculty, students, and alumni.

Partnering with Lafayette offers the following benefits:

  • Distinctive occasions to network with other companies and entrepreneurs affiliated with Lafayette, both in the greater region and nationwide.
  • Early involvement with highly talented students, such as through the College’s top-ranked, four-year Career Services Gateway Program.
  • Increased name recognition and visibility on campus, in the community, and with a wide network of Lafayette alumni.
  • Opportunities to engage in thought leadership with faculty researchers and visiting scholars of national and global distinction.

These are just a few of the ways your company will find lasting value in an ongoing collaboration with Lafayette. A dedicated relationship manager from Lafayette’s Corporate Relations office will assist you in discovering the significant opportunities to partner with the College and in leveraging those opportunities to meet your company’s philanthropic and business objectives.