This summer at Lafayette is going to be hot, humid, and dusty. Parking changes. Traffic detours. Rock blasting. Housing construction. The occasional rumble of heavy equipment.  Emails such as this one — and this webpage — will bring you regular updates of news you can use all summer long, and beyond.

The work is part of achieving Affordability and Distinction through Growth. We need to start building housing for up to 400 new students, offices for up to 40 new faculty, and expanded areas for student services. We need to make the campus more pedestrian friendly by reducing vehicular traffic and making new parking assignments. And we need to build the new $75 million Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center.

It won’t all get done this summer, but just about all of it starts this summer. Here’s what’s right around the corner:


  • A new 300-car parking lot is scheduled to be constructed on Bushkill Drive between June and August.
  • Students who would normally be assigned to park at Markle Deck, South College Drive, 49 South College Drive, and High Street North will be reassigned to the Bushkill Commons lot, beginning with the fall semester. Remember, walking is good for you!
  • The small parking lot between Ramer History House and Sullivan Lane will be removed and the area converted to Schwartz-Schoor Plaza. Employees whose parking is affected will be reassigned.
  • Immediately after Commencement, all parking spaces will be removed along High Street between McCartney Street and Acopian Engineering Center. Affected employees will be reassigned to Markle Deck.
  • Employee parking permits, valid for three years, expire this summer. Additional reassignments may occur during this year’s registration process.

For additional information on parking and how to register,  visit

Integrated Sciences Center

  • Facilities Operations is moving to the former Hummel Lumber building on Bushkill Drive; the existing ops building will be demolished.
  • Groundbreaking for the ISC will be held May 11.
  • Construction fencing will be installed on Anderson Courtyard after Reunion Weekend, June 2-4.
  • Rock blasting and removal will occur throughout the summer to prepare the ISC site. You might want to blast some rock (and roll) of your own just to block out the noise!

Pedestrian Safety

  • Immediately after Commencement, work will begin along High Street to install a median strip with plantings and improved crosswalks to slow vehicular traffic and improve pedestrian safety.
  • Similar safety and streetscape improvements will be made along North Third Street from College Avenue to Snyder Street at the Williams Arts Campus.
  • We hope that work on both projects will conclude in August; through traffic will be maintained during both projects.

Temporary Student Housing

  • Modular units will be placed in the March Field parking lot to accommodate student growth until permanent residence halls are built. Parking for affected employees will be reassigned.

And that’s just for starters. In the fall, demolition is scheduled to begin along McCartney Street to make way for the first of several new residence halls. We’ll do our best to give you advance notice of detours, closures, and areas to avoid. Please send any questions to us at

Remember, Leopards can live in almost any habitat and are known for their adaptability. This summer, we get to prove it!

Go ’Pards!

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