Limited emergency work on the McCartney Street housing project is resuming this week under guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, in order to make the structure watertight, which is permissible under COVID-19 restrictions. 

A similar exception pertains to emergency repairs to the sewer line under High Street. That work also begins this week. 

The work on McCartney North is expected to take 30 to 45 days to complete, depending on weather and other issues that may arise.

Under this provision, construction on the housing project will be limited to completing the roofing and exterior walls. The work will require about 20 individuals onsite daily. The contractor is instituting a COVID-19 mitigation plan that includes limiting contact among workers, restricting visitors, and requiring single-occupancy travel to the site. The contractor will provide handwashing stations and sanitizer, and require subcontractors to provide PPE to workers, including gloves and glasses. Workers will be encouraged to use masks at all times. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or those who come in contact with others presumed to have COVID-19 will be sent home immediately.

 Once the structure is watertight, construction will again cease unless another waiver is granted or the state restrictions are lifted.

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