Scott Miller, Bethany College

Scott MillerIn my 23 years as a college president, I have never encountered more difficult enrollment conditions. The economy, though stronger recently, continues to shadow college marketing. There is much uncertainty in the minds of students and their families about what their investment of tuition dollars will yield. I believe, however, that the quality and reputation of liberal arts education, the commitment of talented faculty and administrative staff, the attractiveness of our campuses, and other unique strengths will continue to recommend America’s small, national liberal arts colleges as attractive institutions of innovation and advantage.

Our graduates take with them the intellectual freedom, career versatility, and commitment to lifelong education and service that we promise on campus visitation days. We need to make sure our marketing keeps up with what we deliver in abundance. The “bully pulpit” of presidents should drive the discourse about value—for that is what we can guarantee.

Scott Miller, President, Bethany College

Bethany College