Walter Kimbrough, Dillard University

Walter KimbroughLike everyone in the nation, my mind is on college affordability. I have a 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son. I’ve seen the projections, so they hear “get a scholarship” all the time! And while I agree that we must reverse this trend, I fear the “do more with less” mantra will kill schools like mine where 75% of the students receive the Pell Grant, our endowment is less than $70 million, and we lack alumni who have the wealth to give $100 million gifts, nor the ability to convince the wealthy not to give $100 million to billion dollar endowments.

It looks like that when higher education will be told “do more with less,” I will be told “do more with NOTHING!” And yet, we find the money to imprison men who look like me every year at a cost that is twice what we would spend on a Dillard education. It says our priorities are screwed up, and somewhere down the line, tragedy awaits.

Walter Kimbrough, President, Dillard University

Dillard University