Carl Strikwerda, Elizabethtown College

Carl StrikwerdaThe challenge that we have at liberal arts colleges is two-fold: first, to move over to the web and internet the part of education that simply transfers information; and, second, to make relationships the core of our education—the relationships that students have with faculty, that students have with coaches, residence hall advisors, and sponsors of clubs, and that students doing internships and service learning have with professionals in businesses, schools, and hospitals.

Forty percent of Elizabethtown College’s students are first generation college-goers and almost 50 percent work on campus. By wise use of IT and focusing on relationships as the core of learning, we can continue to make a residential liberal arts education an excellent path for all of our students to follow for successful lives, including our students from less privileged backgrounds.

Carl Strikwerda, President, Elizabethtown College

Elizabethtown College