This is not your traditional internship. Our InternShift program is changing the way students and employers look at internships.

As a Lafayette InternShift employer partner, you have the opportunity to advance your business while investing in a student’s education. At Lafayette, we see the internship experience as a necessary component of the educational process. So, we have partnered with employers to help students get these experiences and help provide employers with a pipeline of highly qualified and long-serving employees and ways to reduce the costs of training. Learn more about this immersive internship program.

Highly engaged students

Percentage of seniors participate in internships:


Number of students complete externships each year:


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Our students are ready to be productive members of your company, with the ability to work on complex projects and contribute measurably to your company’s strategic goals.

Create a high ROI for your organization.

Make the shift to an executive investment in the millennial generation—bright young individuals who can infuse the benefits of a liberal arts education into your business strategy and your teams. Significant investments on the part of Lafayette, our employer partners, and our students make possible the immersive experience of Lafayette InternShift. To support you, we can:

  • Consult with you to shape the experience and projects;
  • Identify qualified students and provide resumes;
  • Coordinate the interview process;
  • Connect students with supportive funding;
  • and more!

Lafayette can make Internshift affordable for non-profits, NGOs, and start-ups.

What Interns Are Saying…

Erin Evans

Director of Internships