Lafayette InternShift is an immersive internship experience that engages students in competitively compensated, high-impact projects with employer partners.

We all know how hard it is to find time to explore new ideas or pursue additional projects. Make an executive investment in InternShift and a high-performing Lafayette student will help you move that special project forward. Surveys find that our students, unlike students nationally, list “a creative and dynamic work environment” as the most important attribute for their careers. That’s the type of problem-solving intern— and future employee—your company needs.

Sign up for InternShift and our nationally ranked Career Services team will help you build a work assignment, coordinate the interview process, and consult with you on a professional development plan that could help shift your current internship program into a successful pipeline of highly qualified and long-serving employees.

As a Lafayette InternShift employer partner, you have the opportunity to advance your business while investing in students’ education. I hope you’ll join us in catalyzing the shift toward an internship model that promises a brighter future for graduates—and the companies who employ them.

Alison Byerly
Lafayette College