Alex Battisti '18 and Toussaint Helm '17

FMI, Allentown, Pa.

Alex and Toussaint spent their summer working for Kevin Rhodes '82, president and founder of FMI, a contract manufacturing firm of personal care products. Alex served as a marketing intern making improvements to FMI's website and social media presence. Toussaint performed extensive research on the company's bottle filling operation. Based on his work, FMI ordered $400,000 of equipment to improve operational efficiency and capabilities.

“I was fortunate to have an engineering internship after my junior year at Lafayette which was instrumental in helping me decide on a career path,” says Rhodes. “The amount of work that an intelligent, focused student can accomplish during 10 – 12 weeks in the summer is amazing.  In addition, the interns that we have had bring a little spark to our organization that everyone enjoys.  It truly has been a ‘win-win’ situation.”


James Roberts '18

Walden Associates, Oyster Bay, N.Y.

At Walden Associates environmental consulting firm, James was treated like a co-worker and was able to work on projects from beginning to end. With guidance from his mentor and Walden owner Joe Heaney '85, James took care of project proposals, billing and invoices, client communications, and went out into the field to help with groundwater remediation sites.

“I was able to see the environmental side of engineering; how it affects the communities we live in, the water we drink, the air we breathe. The fact that we were able to help people meant a lot to me,” says James. “Getting paid as an intern gave me a sense of purpose, because what I was doing was not meaningless. They were trusting me and giving me jobs where I had to perform, so I could help the company grow.”