In this visionary immersive internship program, we partner with employers to provide a program in which students:

  • Work on complex projects, contributing measurably to the company’s strategic goals;
  • Participate in professional development and are immersed in company culture, interacting with internal and external constituents;
  • Are mentored by senior executives; and
  • Earn income from the employer or through internship awards to defray living expenses and tuition.

Companies—not just students—are paying the price of college debt. In the face of student loans, young graduates are often not able to fully participate in the economy, causing industries to lose revenue. Meanwhile, baby boomers are exiting the job market four times faster than millennials are entering it, forcing some employers to compete for qualified new employees by offering signing bonuses to pay off student debt.

Lafayette InternShift is a twofold solution, giving businesses an edge by reducing the cost of training and retaining new talent while enabling current students to become productive members of the economy and workforce by paying them fairly and providing them with vital training. The result is crosstrained, team-oriented, broadly educated college graduates who are optimally prepared to generate significant returns to companies who invest in them.

Lafayette InternShift is a partnership among Lafayette College, its students, and our employer partners. Lafayette will work with you to shape internship experiences that are right for your business and our students.

Why Lafayette?

CLOSE-KNIT AND HIGHLY SELECTIVE, Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., features a strong liberal arts and engineering curriculum and boasts a high-performing and diverse student body and an intimate student-to-faculty ratio. Lafayette students are well-rounded and prepared to compete and contribute in a complex, global world. With intellectual cross-training, mentoring from faculty, practical problem-solving, and community-based learning and research, students gain the skills they need to be productive workers and citizens.

Borderless Academics

The humanities, arts, sciences, and engineering overlap and interact at Lafayette as students live, study, and collaborate with peers of different backgrounds and interests.

Career Planning

Lafayette’s nationally ranked Gateway program in Career Services offers a four-year developmental model and a customized career development plan for all students.