Special Opportunities and Programs

From its beginning, Lafayette has emphasized education as preparation for life. Many special opportunities and programs on campus and abroad complement and enhance the curriculum. Lafayette students take full advantage, recognizing that education is not limited to the classroom.


Curricular Opportunities

Classes that combine disciplines to help students grapple with complex issues. First-Year Seminars that focus on interesting topics. Service learning courses that tackle real-world problems through hands-on work. And much more. Lafayette offers courses that are dynamic, meaningful, and life changing.

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Undergraduate Research

Professors work closely with students to research topics across every discipline. Opportunities include independent studies, honors theses, and paid research assistant positions. Some students go on to co-author papers with their professors and even present their findings at conferences.

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International and Off-Campus

More than half of Lafayette students have studied abroad by their senior year. In addition to semester programs, professors lead study-abroad courses across the globe during the winter and summer breaks. Students also broaden their perspectives through internships, externships, and other off-campus learning experiences.

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Community Impact

Whether it’s tutoring local children in math or helping villagers in Honduras build a clean water system, Lafayette students are passionate about making a difference in communities here and afar.

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