Bailey Health Center

607 High Street

Bailey Health Center supports academic success by providing quality health care and promoting an environment of wellness in an atmosphere where students are treated with compassion and understanding.

(610) 330-4444 (Emergency)
(610) 330-5001
(610) 330-5704

Counseling Center

Bailey Health Center (2nd Floor)

The Counseling Center staff provides counseling and educational programs to help students achieve their academic, social, and personal development goals. In addition to our work with students, we also help faculty, staff, and parents to promote student wellness.

(610) 330-4444 (Emergency)
(610) 330-5005
(610) 330-5728

Public Safety

901 Bushkill Drive

The Office of Public Safety is responsible helping to keep the campus environment a healthy and secure one, assigning parking permits, and responding to emergency calls on campus.

(610) 330-4444 (Emergency)
(610) 330-5330
(610) 330-5712