Academic Resource Hub

300 Scott Hall

The Hub offers peer tutoring, study skills workshops, academic counseling, disability services, academic support services for student athletes, and supplemental instruction to enhance student success. Programs are available to all students.

(610) 330-5098
(610) 330-3065

Access and Outreach Services

Skillman Library

Access and Outreach Services oversees the circulation of special equipment, helps set the hours of operation, and generally works to ensure the library's accessibility and usability by the community.

(610) 330-5154


118 Markle Hall

Lafayette students transcend academic boundaries by working with dedicated faculty and students of other majors to solve problems on a local and global scale. These experiences transform our students into the critical thinkers and dynamic leaders who will change tomorrow.

(610) 330-5100
(610) 330-5355


307 Markle Hall

A shared sense of purpose and visionary leadership have inspired participation at Lafayette College. The driving force behind the College’s success is the combination of people, the building of financial strength, and ongoing involvement.

(610) 330-5037
(610) 330-5707

Advancement and College Relations

307 Markle Hall

A shared sense of purpose and visionary leadership have inspired participation at Lafayette. The driving force behind the College’s success is the combination of people, the building of financial strength, and ongoing involvement.

(610) 330-5892
(610) 330-5707

Advancement Information Systems

307 Markle Hall
(610) 330-5037
(610) 330-5707

Advancement Research

331 Markle Hall

A shared sense of purpose and visionary leadership have inspired participation at Lafayette. The driving force behind the College’s success is the combination of people, the building of financial strength, and ongoing involvement.

(610) 330-5026
(610) 330-5707

Advancement Services/Gift Accounting

307 Markle Hall

A shared sense of purpose and visionary leadership have inspired participation at Lafayette College. The driving force behind the College’s success is the combination of people, the building of financial strength, and ongoing involvement.

(610) 330-5048
(610) 330-5707

Africana Studies

215 Oechsle Center for Global Education

Students curious about the black experience and the African Diaspora will find engaging coursework that challenges them to think across the disciplines of history, literature and languages, economics, art history, music, anthropology and sociology, folklore, religion, philosophy, and political science.

(610) 330-5593

Alumni Relations

223 Pfenning Alumni Center

Get involved in Lafayette’s thriving alumni community through the intellectual, social, volunteer and community service programs available, on and off campus. These opportunities keep you connected with Lafayette and engaged in the lifelong learning process that began as an undergraduate.

(610) 330-5040
(610) 330-5833

Anthropology and Sociology

313 Oechsle Center for Global Education

Studying anthropology and sociology gives students an appreciation of the structure of society and the nature of social interaction. Students probe past the surface of human relations to develop an awareness of different cultural perspectives—invaluable in today’s world.

(610) 330-5913
(610) 330-5658


Williams Visual Arts Building

The art department offers courses in art history and studio art that familiarize students with art’s fascinating record of individual and collective creativity. Majors and minors learn how to critique art, develop artistic talent, and heighten their visual perception.

(610) 330-5826
(610) 330-5830

Asian Studies

100 Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

Students at Lafayette study the culture, traditions, history, and politics of the major regions of Asia through a variety of course offerings and related programs. Students may pursue an interdisciplinary major or minor.

(610) 330-5412


218 Kirby Sports Center

The Department of Athletics provides an effective learning experience for student-athletes through competitive NCAA Division I athletics. Athletics fosters personal growth, leadership development, responsible citizenship and team work, and creates opportunities for building life-long relationships.

(610) 330-5470
(610) 330-5702

Bailey Health Center

607 High Street

Bailey Health Center supports academic success by providing quality health care and promoting an environment of wellness in an atmosphere where students are treated with compassion and understanding.

(610) 330-5001
(610) 330-4444 (Emergency)
(610) 330-5704


120 Rockwell Integrated Science Center

Biology majors at Lafayette enjoy small classes and laboratory sections, even in General Biology. With faculty guidance, about half of biology majors perform individual laboratory research; many of these projects result in published scientific papers with students as co-authors.

(610) 330-5456
(610) 330-5705

Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning and Scholarship (CITLS)

101 Hogg Hall

The Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship provides a range of programming to assist the faculty in becoming excellent teachers, through examining the teaching-learning interaction and considering how to apply the appropriate pedagogical techniques in their classes.

(610) 330-5269
(610) 330-5711

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

319 Acopian Engineering Center

Chemical engineers discover and implement new products and processes that are useful and economical. Thanks to small class sizes, outstanding laboratory facilities, and opportunities for student-faculty research, Lafayette chemical engineering majors can tackle the challenges of this rapidly changing field.

(610) -33-0-5447


124 Hugel Science Center

Students who study chemistry at Lafayette will explore the nature of the physical world, the problems that face a technological society, and the philosophy, methods, and limitations of science.

(610) -33-0-5216

Civil and Environmental Engineering

319 Acopian Engineering Center

The department provides a broad-based undergraduate civil engineering education in a liberal arts environment emphasizing student-faculty interaction; opportunities for hands-on learning, scholarship and service; and an understanding of the professional, societal, ethical, and environmental implications of the engineering practice.

(610) 330-5413

College Store

211 McCartney Street

From pens, pencils and books and Lafayette College clothing, caps, and more, the College Store has just a selection of the essentials you need for life inside and outside the classroom.

(610) 330-5511

College Writing Program

319 Pardee Hall

Accomplished faculty in the English department offer courses in creative writing in poetry and fiction, screenwriting, environmental writing, creative nonfiction, and new media. A literary magazine, open mics, visiting writers and more give students opportunities to develop their creativity.

(610) 330-5233


Lafayette Downtown, One S. Third St., 6th Floor

The Division of Communications staff plans and executes marketing, communications, and public relations initiatives with the goal of promoting the College’s identity, people, and programs to internal and external audiences.

(610) 330-5120
(610) 330-5127

Computer Science

406 Acopian Engineering Center

In the Computer Science department, new ideas are explored, new tools are developed, and new questions are asked about how computers can help us solve problems. Students gain the skills and knowledge to prepare them for this evolving field.

(610) 330-5428
(610) 330-5059

Controller's Office

030 Marquis Hall

The controller is responsible for accounts payable, budgeting, general accounting, financial reporting, payroll, and student accounts/accounts receivable, among other areas.

(610) 330-5136
(610) 330-5701

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations

307 Markle Hall

As part of the Development and College Relations department, Foundation and Corporate Relations manages relationships to meet Lafayette’s institutional priorities. The emphasis is on support with the potential for having a lasting impact and attracting further assistance from other sources.

(610) 330-5765
(610) 330-5707

Counseling Center

Bailey Health Center (2nd Floor)

The Counseling Center staff provides counseling and educational programs to help students achieve their academic, social, and personal development goals. In addition to our work with students, we also help faculty, staff, and parents to promote student wellness.

(610) 330-5005
(610) 330-4444 (Emergency)
(610) 330-5728

Dean of Students

Feather House, 17 Cattell St

The Office of the Dean of Students oversees the Departments of Recreation Services, Residence Life, Student Development, and Student Life Programs. The dean also collaborates with faculty and staff to create learning opportunities that integrate academic experiences with life outside the classroom.

(610) 330-5082
(610) 330-5509

Digital Scholarship Services

Skillman Library

Located in Skillman Library, Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) partners with faculty to develop digital projects and create customized research tools. Current work includes digital collection building, GIS visualization, and the creation of virtual research environments. For more information, or to start a new project, contact DSS.

(610) 330-3149

Dining Services

Lafayette Dining Services is committed to offering great food, comfortable facilities, and a wide variety of venues, menus, and plans that provide great value. The six unique on-campus dining facilities serve food seven days a week.

(610) 330-5346
(610) 330-5713

Donor Relations, Stewardship, and Special Events

We recognize donors and the impact made on our students through their generosity and resources.

(610) 330-3280
(610) 330-5707

Dyer Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center

The Dyer Center fosters and sustains a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that increases the creative capacity of Lafayette students to lead and inspire change.

(610) 330-3091
(610) 330-3091

Early Learning Center

328 McCartney Street

The Lafayette College Early Learning Center offers quality, nurturing child care in an age-appropriate learning environment for children from six weeks old through age 5. Summer programs for school-aged children are also offered.

(610) 438-8500
(610) 438-8510


100 Simon Center

The economics department challenges students to actively engage in contemporary issues. Students sharpen their analytical skills in courses focusing on monetary policy, finance, global poverty, health economics, environmental economics, and the emerging field of behavioral economics.

(610) 330-5298
(610) 330-5715

Electrical and Computer Engineering

406 Acopian Engineering Center

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides fundamental courses in the broad areas of circuits and electronics, computer software, computer hardware and networking, signals and systems, and applied physics.

(610) 330-5428
(610) 330-5059

Engineering Division

308 Acopian Engineering Center

Lafayette College’s engineering division provides an education that emphasizes close interaction between students and faculty, opportunities to conduct research and complete hands-on design projects, strong programs in the liberal arts, and a variety of ways to study abroad.

(610) 330-5403
(610) 330-5059

Engineering Studies

230 Acopian Engineering Center

Engineering studies empowers students to meet society’s current and emerging complex, interdisciplinary challenges. The fusion of engineering and liberal arts creates flexible and innovative problem solvers and thinkers.

(610) 330-5435
(610) 330-5905

Engineering/International Studies

246 Acopian Engineering Center

Students who are interested in engineering, like to explore other languages and cultures, and want to succeed in an increasingly global job market, may be a perfect fit for the International Studies and Engineering dual major.

(610) 330-5938
(610) 330-5905


316 Pardee Hall

In English, students learn how to explore, analyze, and understand the English language and texts in an environment fostering lively intellectual exchange. Students will understand the field’s practices and develop skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and creative expression.

(610) 330-5234
(610) 330-5606

Environmental Science and Environmental Studies

116 Pardee Hall

The impact of humans on our environment is working its way to the forefront of national and international concerns. Scientists are beginning to grasp the complex interaction of natural phenomena and human activity. Lafayette takes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental concerns. Student learn environmental fundamentals in a number of departments, then progress through more intensive and specialized courses.

(610) 330-3051

Experimental Printmaking Institute

421 Hamilton Street

EPI has been passionately committed to advancing the printmaking process as dynamic and relevant art form for purposes of cultural and creative engagement. EPI uses traditional printmaking techniques alongside experimental approaches as a means of expanding our visual language.

(610) 330-5592

Facilities Operations

901 Bushkill Dr.

Facilities Operations is responsible for and oversees custodial and groundskeeping services, building maintenance & serving as a liason with trades, along with steam plant, utilities, and telecommunications.

(610) 330-5373
(610) 330-5112

Facilities Planning and Construction

9 North Campus Lane

Curious about the buildings on campus? You can get updated about what capital projects are underway, which ones have been completed, and sustainable initiatives in progress. You can even download the campus master plan.

(610) 330-5381
(610) 330-5112

Film and Media Studies

248 North 3rd Street, Room 115

FAMS emphasizes connections among cinema, visual media, electronic arts, social technologies, and cultural contexts. We help students develop skills to analyze diverse visual and textual forms while honing their skills as effective communicators across an array of media platforms.

(610) 330-3242

Finance & Business Services

030 Markle Hall

Assists with: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, Business Services (including: Child Care, College Store, Dining, ID Office, Off-Campus Real Estate Rentals, Post Office, Reprographics), General Accounting, Payroll, Procurement and Payment Center, Risk Management & Insurance, Student Accounts

(610) 330-5957

Finance and Administration

316 Markle Hall

The Finance and Administration Division establishes the financial policies and internal controls and the provision of service and support for the College’s accounting, administrative services, physical plant, capital planning, and budget functions.

(610) 330-5133
(610) 330-5700

Financial Aid

107 Markle Hall

The Financial Aid Office is committed to helping students of all financial backgrounds afford our active, globally connected education. Through grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study, more than half of the College’s students receive the assistance they need to attend Lafayette.

(610) 330-5055
(610) 330-5758

First-Year Seminar Program

Taught by faculty across the College, First-Year Seminars introduce beginning students to college reading and writing by exploring timely and complex questions in the liberal arts and sciences.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Advising

132 Farinon College Center

Fraternities and sororities at Lafayette provide living-learning communities focused on academic integration, leader development, civic engagement, intercultural development, and character/values congruency.

(610) 330-5335
(610) 330-5703

Gateway Career Center

201 Hogg Hall

The Gateway Career Center is a national leader in career development. Experienced counselors and innovative programming, along with passionate alumni and parent volunteers, give students the preparation they need to enter fulfilling careers.

(610) 330-5115
(610) 330-5719

Gender and Sexuality Programs

124 Farinon College Center

Our mission is to increase the understanding and appreciation of how gender and sexuality influence and frame our daily lives and social interactions. In order to accomplish this mission, we work with campus constituencies to create safe and welcoming spaces for all students, faculty, and staff; advocate with and on their behalf for social justice and equality; and enhance critical inquiry into diversity and inclusion through programs and discussions.

(610) 330-5558
(610) 330-5560

General Counsel

12 Markle Hall

Our mission is to serve the Lafayette College community in the areas of HR policies and procedures, employment, labor relations, employee relations, training, and employee benefits.

(610) 330-5060
(610) 330-5720

Geology and Environmental Geosciences

116 Van Wickle Hall

Geology is the study of the earth and its history, and the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences offers both B.S. and A.B. programs. Both degrees provide a broad background in the various disciplines of the geosciences.

(610) 330-5193
(610) 330-5717

Gift Planning

1 Markle Hall

Planned gifts are an important support to achieve the College’s mission, through bequests and gifts that generate life income for donors or someone they care for. Funds are separate from the endowment and help plan for the College’s future.

(610) 330-3126
(610) 330-5063

Government and Law

201 Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

The department offers a comprehensive and rigorous program in the discipline of political science, focusing on four of the discipline’s traditional subfields: American government, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory.

(610) 330-5390
(610) 330-5397

Hanson Center

301 Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center

As one of only two Inclusive STEM Education Centers in the country – and the only one at a liberal arts college – the Hanson Center is working to advance our understanding and practices of inclusion and equity in STEM, to create the programs, policies, and culture that promote inclusive excellence.

(610) 330-3508

Health Professions

Scott Hall

Students can become a healthcare professional, regardless of their chosen undergraduate major or minor. Lafayette's Health Professions program provides you with guidance and resources as you plan for your future matriculation to medical, dental, optometry or veterinary school.

(610) 330-5521
(610) 330-5711


Ramer History House

Historians examine how people living in different times and places understood their world and acted within it. History majors develop a complex understanding of the past and the skills to understand and transform the social and cultural contexts they inherited.

(610) 330-5173

Human Resources

12 Markle Hall

The Office of Human Resources at Lafayette College serves faculty and staff employees, retirees, and potential new employees by providing information about policies and procedures, benefits, training and more.

(610) 330-5060
(610) 330-5720

Information Technology Services

Lafayette Downtown, One S. Third St., 4th Floor

ITS has responsibility for overseeing Lafayette’s academic and administrative systems and the robust information technology infrastructure that supports them. ITS staff is committed to providing products and services that meet the needs of all members of the Lafayette community and that achieve a high level of user satisfaction.

Institutional Research

232 Markle Hall

The Office of Institutional Research helps to maintain the accuracy, organization, and comprehensiveness of the College-wide database, offers technical support to those interested in collecting and interpreting College-related data, or interpret existing data to help inform the decision-making process.

(610) 330-5783
(610) 330-5059

Intercultural Development

107 Farinon College Center

The Office of Intercultural Development advances Lafayette’s commitment to diversity and inclusion through educational and cultural programming, workshops, and celebrations.

(610) 330-5320
(610) 330-5560

International Affairs

215 Oechsle Center for Global Education

The interdisciplinary international affairs major gives students a multifaceted perspective on world issues and foreign policy from several fields of study while preparing them for a career in foreign service, international banking, insurance, law, government, information and social agencies, multinational businesses, the military, journalism, and teaching.

(610) 330-5593

International and Off Campus Education (Study Abroad)

125 Pardee Hall

Off-campus study participants are encouraged to change their immediate world and expand their comfort zones, encounter new perspectives, and examine their own cultural viewpoints.

(610) 330-5918
(610) 330-5974

Kirby Library

Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

The Fred Morgan Kirby Library has 30,000 volumes related to government and law. It provides space for students to study and collaborate with one another. Its classically inspired, oak-paneled reading room is among the most beautiful interiors on campus.

Landis Center for Community Engagement

17 Cattell Street

The Landis Center for Community Engagement fosters college-community partnerships that contribute to the well-being of our communities. Students can participate in service opportunities through an academic course with an integrated service component or through co-curricular weekly service learning programs.

(610) 330-3067

Languages and Literary Studies

430 Pardee Hall

The Languages and Literary Studies curriculum helps students develop linguistic proficiency and cultural competency. In advanced courses, students gain an understanding of the literature, politics, history, and cultures of the regions in which the target language is (or was) spoken.

(610) 330-5252
(610) 330-5656

Leadership Education

The aim of the Lafayette Leadership Education (LLE) program is to provide a coordinated vision for student leadership development on campus.

Major Gifts

307 Markle Hall

A shared sense of purpose and visionary leadership have inspired participation at Lafayette College. The driving force behind the College’s success is the combination of people, the building of financial strength, and ongoing involvement.

(610) 330-5048
(610) 330-5707


230 Pardee Hall

Lafayette offers unusual breadth in its mathematics program, providing depth and rigor for students interested in one of our major or minor programs, and rich and rewarding electives for students whose interest in mathematics grows from its applications elsewhere.

(610) 330-5267

Mechanical Engineering

230 Acopian Engineering Center

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a comprehensive curriculum, with experiences that prepare our majors for professional work or further study at the graduate level. Students use contemporary engineering computer software and apply modern manufacturing processes in their design projects.

(610) 330-5435
(610) 330-5905

Metzgar Fields Athletic Complex

Kamine Varsity House,Sullivan Trail

Metzgar Fields Athletic Complex contains practice and playing surfaces for baseball, cross country, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, and track & field. Permanent seating for more than 1,000 spectators is available at the baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey venues.

Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government

002 Kirby Hall of Civil Rights

The Robert B. and Helen S. Meyner Center for the Study of State and Local Government educates students about the importance of state and local governments and encourages them to participate as volunteers, interns, and future leaders.

(610) 330-5598
(610) 330-5648

Military Science

The program is a part of the United States Army Cadet Command. Some classes and activities are conducted on the Lafayette campus under the auspices of the Steel Battalion ROTC program.


239 Williams Center

The department is committed to the study of music as integral to a liberal arts education. A primary goal is to offer all students the opportunity and means to experience music emotionally and intellectually, at the highest possible level.

(610) 330-5365


304B Oechsle Hall

Neuroscience tries to answer difficult questions about how the brain works and why it works the way it does. This interdisciplinary field explores the development, structure, and behavioral consequences of the nervous system.

(610) 330-5286
(610) 330-5349

Office of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs

200 Scott Hall

The Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs upholds the values of our academic community: an intense curiosity, a willingness to engage the rigors of learning, an openness toward learning from other people, and a firm commitment to academic integrity.

(610) 330-5080
(610) 330-5711

Parent Relations

203 Pfenning Alumni Center

Parents are invited to please visit the campus and take advantage of the opportunities to become acquainted with the teachers, mentors, and friends at Lafayette who will significantly impact the life of your son or daughter.

(610) 330-5040
(610) 330-5833

Part-time Studies

118 Markle Hall

Lafayette College offers a part-time studies program that is designed for individuals who wish to take advantage of some of the academic programs and courses offered by the College.

(610) 330-5100
(610) 330-5355


324 Pardee Hall

Studying philosophy helps students to think critically, to understand and appreciate the contributions of the Western philosophical tradition, and to make reasonable decisions relevant to the problems of contemporary life. The philosophy major prepares students for a wide range of fields.

(610) 330-5520
(610) 330-5585


124 Hugel Science Center

Physics is the empirical, mathematical and philosophical basis for all natural science and engineering. Studying physics means learning how the universe works, but it also means solving real-world problems.

(610) 330-5213
(610) 330-5714

Policy Studies

Pardee 116

The policy studies major offers a multidisciplinary curriculum enabling graduates to engage and provide leadership in a dynamic domestic and global environment. Students emerge as citizens who have integrated and collaborative skills, creativity, entrepreneurship, and who value ethics and fairness.

Post Office

32 Farinon Student Center

The Lafayette College Mail Center provides convenient mailing services to the College community. Send a note through campus mail, a package through standard first-class, priority or express mail, or ship something overseas? The Mail Center can do it for you.

(610) 330-5350

President's Office

316 Markle Hall

The president is the College’s executive head, serving as the official medium of communication between the faculty and the Board of Trustees and between the students and the board.

(610) 330-5200
(610) 330-5700

Printing and Copy Services

13 Marquis Hall

Printing and Copy Services provides printing and mailing services to the Lafayette community.

(610) 330-5015
(610) 330-5709

Procurement Services

030 Marquis Hall

The Procurement Services department is dedicated to ensuring the timely and cost-effective procurement of goods and services by assisting faculty, administrators, and staff with the identification, selection, and acquisition of required goods and services while maximizing the College’s purchasing power and reducing potential institutional risks.

(610) 330-5017
(610) 330-5701


219 Markle Hall

The Provost administers, through academic department heads and program chairs, the degree and curricular programs of the College; formulates policies and objectives for admission, libraries, and research; and develops faculty and staff personnel policies for review by the President.

(610) 330-5070
(610) 330-5068


304B Oechsle Hall

Psychology majors examine behavior, thinking, emotions, and physiological processes. Courses encompass historically experimental fields, such as learning, cognition, and physiological psychology. Other topics include clinical, developmental, health, and social areas, and the psychology of industry and organizational behavior.

(610) 330-5286
(610) 330-5349

Public Safety

901 Bushkill Drive

The Office of Public Safety is responsible helping to keep the campus environment a healthy and secure one, assigning parking permits, and responding to emergency calls on campus.

(610) 330-5330
(610) 330-4444 (Emergency)
(610) 330-5712

Recreation Services

134 Kirby Sports Center

Recreation Services provides exercise-centered experiences that encourage lifelong healthy habits and positive use of leisure time. Its programs foster improved physical, social, and emotional health within a safe, respectful environment conducive to enjoyment by participants of all ability levels.

(610) 330-5770
(610) 330-5771


001 Markle Hall

Lafayette College offers students the opportunity to work closely with dedicated faculty and other students and to think critically and solve local and global problems. These experiences transform our students into the thoughtful, dynamic leaders who will change the future.

(610) 330-5090
(610) 330-5706

Religious and Spiritual Life

107 Farinon College Center

Lafayette has a long tradition of nurturing religious and spiritual development, dating back to the College’s founding in 1826. Today, the student body is spiritually diverse, and opportunities for worship and fellowship are available from a wide range of traditions.

(610) 330-5959
(610) 330-5560

Religious Studies

324Pardee Hall

The study of religion provides a way toward understanding the various cultures of the world, conflicts among peoples, and the human condition. Courses touch on all key areas such as religious traditions, religious ethics, sacred texts, and religion and literature.

(610) 330-5520
(610) 330-5585

Research and Instructional Services

Skillman Library

Skillman Library's department of research and instructional services coordinates research resources and the instructional needs of faculty and students.

(610) 330-5153

Residence Life

132 Farinon Student Center

The four years you spend living on campus in a residential, academic community will afford you opportunities for intellectual and social development. Not only will you make friends and have a great time, you will learn without even realizing it.

(610) 330-5335
(610) 330-5703

Russian and East European Studies

204 Williams Center

The Russian and East European Studies Program serves Lafayette undergraduates, Lafayette alums, and the interested public by inspiring engagement with and learning about the histories, cultures, and societies of people living in Russia and Eastern Europe.

(610) 330-5362

Scheduling and Event Planning

14 Marquis Hall

The Scheduling Office can assist you in reserving any space on campus, from classrooms and meeting spaces, to dining facilities, sports venues and outdoor areas. Lafayette College accommodates groups requiring meals, meeting space, and/or overnight accommodations when space is available.

(610) 330-5077
(610) 330-5722

Scholarships and Fellowships

105 Scott Hall

Scholarships can empower your dreams, providing resources to study, conduct research, travel, and become a leader in your chosen career. We will introduce you to opportunities and resources, and help you put together a competitive application.

(610) 330-5067
(610) 330-5711

Skillman Library

Skillman Library

Skillman Library received the 2014 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries. Spacious and airy, Skillman provides ample room for its more than 500,000 volumes, learning and study, technology, and special collections. Numerous individual and group study spaces can be found, along with a common room with a cafe.

(610) 330-5151

Special Collections and College Archives

209 Skillman Library

Special Collections is located on the second floor of Skillman Library. Our reading room is open 10 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. weekdays or by appointment. We welcome researchers, as well as queries by phone, letter, or email, about our collection and services.

(610) 330-5148
(610) 252-0370

Sports Information

107 Kirby Sports Center

Sports Information highlights the dynamic students and coaches involved in Lafayette's Division I athletics program.

(610) 330-5122
(610) 330-5519

Student Leadership and Involvement

Feather House, 17 Cattell St

Student Life Programs promotes a diverse, active lifestyle for Lafayette students. Programs and events reflect Lafayette’s unique campus culture, and include opportunities for student leadership, showing school spirit, starting a new club and interacting with professors and administrators.

(610) 330-5337
(610) 330-5509

Student Life

Feather House, 17 Cattell St

The Division of Student Life helps foster an environment in which students are challenged to deepen their understanding of themselves, others, and the world. Students have opportunities to thrive intellectually and demonstrate socially responsible leadership in a diverse, interconnected world.

Sustainability and Environmental Planning

203 Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center

The Office of Sustainability provides assistance and leadership in the support of the College’s strategic sustainability goals and its comprehensive goal to become an institutional leader in environmental stewardship.

(610) 330-3150

Technology Clinic

38 Pardee Hall

The Technology Clinic is a two-semester, hands-on course that brings together students from different majors to help solve the real-world problems of a business, nonprofit organization, or government body.

(610) 330-5195
(610) 330-5717


248 North 3rd Street, Room 117

Students involved in theater at Lafayette cross boundaries that teach them about the stage but even more about themselves. Dedicated theater faculty and adventurous students collaborate across disciplines, guaranteeing the very best liberal arts education anywhere—on stage or off.

(610) 330-3242

Williams Center for the Arts

317 Hamilton Street

The Williams Center for the Arts has hosted the finest performers in classical and world music, jazz, dance, and theater. It also houses an art gallery, the music and art departments, College Theater productions, and the student-led Arts Society.

(610) 330-5010
(610) 330-5642

WJRH Campus Radio Station (104.9)

Hogg Hall

WJRH-FM is the College's own radio station, located at 104.9 on the FM dial, playing an eclectic mix of indie, rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, oldies, and more.

(610) 330-5316

Women's and Gender Studies

117 Pardee Hall

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that uses gender as a central framework for inquiry, analysis, and action. Courses offer dynamic educational experiences that cross the traditional boundaries of academic departments and embrace a variety of approaches.

(610) 330-5992