Nicole Hurd stands outside Markle Hall.Dear Lafayette family:

During these first few days of July, my family and I have felt a bit like tennis balls bouncing back and forth between Easton and Chapel Hill—an unfortunate result of moving during a pandemic. Regardless of the logistical challenges, I wanted to take a moment and share how honored and excited we are to be joining this incredible community.

Moving for the first time in 14 years presents its own set of challenges; Bill and I are a bit like archaeologists finding forgotten treasure, some of which is not as valuable as it once seemed. (“Are you really going to keep that.”) Moving while our youngest, Matthew, stays put to begin his college career at UNC and his older sister, Monica, starts her second year at UVA means that we will be empty nesters in a new nest. The golden retrievers are coming with us—and they are excited to meet you, yet Sunshine and Sadie look puzzled by all of the boxes and hubbub.

Still, we have been able to spend a few days on campus, and Bill and Matthew were excited to join a number of you at the Maroon Club golf outing. We are looking forward to becoming full-time Eastonians in another week or so. In the meantime, my formal meetings and informal conversations with faculty, students, and staff continue to fuel my enthusiasm for the work ahead and the joy we feel about joining such a remarkable place. In fact, our bittersweet goodbyes with friends and colleagues in North Carolina include not only congratulatory best wishes, but also comments about how fortunate we are to have found this incredible community. We could not agree more!

Thank you for the warm messages of welcome and introductions—we look forward to more of them in the days ahead. l know that the hard work of preparing for a new academic year is well underway. My hope for each of you is that you find time to reflect, reconnect, and recharge before the summer ends.

To great things ahead!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Nicole Farmer Hurd

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  1. Ian Peckett says:

    Hi Nicole

    It was very nice to meet you yesterday at your Class of 2024 breakfast and I’m glad I was able to pass on Peter’s regards in person.

    We had great day yesterday and really appreciate the additional measures you and the college are taking to ensure as normal a college experience as is possible in these unusual times.

    As we mentioned, Thomas is having a wonderful time despite the challenges of his first year, and as parents it’s wonderful to see him happy and at home in an environment where he is truly thriving. His brother Nicolas was similarly taken and we hope he’ll soon be able to follow in his brothers footsteps. We spoke to Greg and he was very helpful. His talents clearly go beyond being an impromptu human podium.

    Thanks again for a great weekend and for everything you’re doing.

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