This year’s Lafayette College United Way Campaign hopes to raise $60,000 (a 10.7 percent increase over last year) from 225 donors (a 7.7 percent increase), and we’re counting on support from the entire College community, both new and returning donors.

Adam Stauffer talks with Peter Simon '75 P'11'14

Adam Stauffer (left) talks with Peter Simon ’75 P’11’14.

Adam Stauffer
Assistant vice president, principal gifts, gift planning and athletics fundraising

As a professional fundraiser, I’m surrounded by stories of impact and am blessed to see the power of philanthropy on a daily basis. Within my own community, the Lehigh Valley, I see that there are those lacking the resources to get by or struggling with a particular issue. It is for this reason that my wife and I choose to direct our resources to the United Way with the hope that our support can change someone’s life for the better.

We designate our support to the United Way’s food access program, as well as a handful of smaller charities across the state that have personally touched our lives in a positive way. It pains us to think that so many, in particular school-aged children, are hungry and at times wondering where they will find their next meal. Through programs within the school district funded by the United Way, we know they can have three meals a day and even food for the weekend thanks to philanthropy.

The most frequent objection I hear to supporting United Way is that support would go to a “black hole” or to cover unnecessary administrative expenses. I respond that yes, there are administrative expenses to running even a nonprofit, but the vast majority of funds support the key priorities of food access, healthy aging, emergency services, and education.